The mission of “Mushrooms Health” Foundation is to inform and educate society about the health benefits provided by Chinese traditional medicine. We focus specifically on Chinese medicinal mushrooms, a natural intelligence and creativity enhancer. As a further part of our mission we promote and cultivate on nature preservation and environment protection.

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"Mushrooms Health" Foundation aims to reach as many people as possible the world over. Striving for global reach, most of our work is online. We focus on high-quality education and training by building and promoting quality resources, trying to get to the members of our society who need it the most, and would benefit from it. We do that in the form of the following activities:

Online Materials
Webinars on Chinese Medicine
Books and Publications
Awareness Campaigns for Environment Sustainability


The team of "Mushrooms Health" Foundation have gone through a lot. Each of us has faced challenges which also affected our health. In that moment, what helped us get through the tough times was taking proper care of ourselves. For each person in our team, a key piece of that puzzle was Chinese medicine.
When we found each other through other work commitments and learned about our common stories, we decided to continue our self-development and exploration together. We would train and experiment with new techniques of feeling healthier and more productive. One of the things we found was the huge treasure of Chinese mushrooms.

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We constantly learn and improve, and we rely on a vast number of educational sources for that. Over the years we have gotten more and more selective of the websites we count on for this, and we’re sharing some of them with you here because we think you may also find them useful. Although we’re not affiliated with these websites or their owners in any way, we think we should share them with others who might benefit from the knowledge they provide.

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