The team of “Mushrooms Health” Foundation have gone through a lot. Each of us has faced challenges which also affected our health. In that moment, what helped us get through the tough times was taking proper care of ourselves. For each person in our team, a key piece of that puzzle was Chinese medicine.

When we found each other through other work commitments and learned about our common stories, we decided to continue our self-development and exploration together. We would train and experiment with new techniques of feeling healthier and more productive. One of the things we found was the huge treasure of Chinese mushrooms.

These seemingly ordinary plants turned out to be hugely beneficial to our mental and physical health, our productivity and work. We continued experimenting with them to find the best combinations, and to make sure they really work. After several years of research backed by our own experience, we decided it was time to share all of this information with others. “Mushrooms Health” Foundation was born.

Martin Popov, Founder
“Mushrooms Health” Foundation

Martin Popov has a long and successful career in online advertising and marketing. He has 15 years of experience in the field, and leads one of the big digital agencies in Bulgaria. Over the years, Martin has been a part of dozens of conferences and events as well as member of the jury panel in many competitions and is often featured on TV broadcasts. He has also been a member of the board of IAB Bulgaria.

As a business owner and consultant, Martin has also been spending time on personal development and is actively looking for ways to be more productive and achieve more. He started experimenting with Chinese medicine and exploring its benefits several years ago. After he found out about Chinese mushrooms and their benefits for the health and brain, he decided to share the knowledge with others and founded “Mushrooms Health” Foundation.

The rest of our team comprises people who are also interested in personal development, better health and improving the functioning of their brains. We have been working together to help others, improve the well-being of society and preserve the environment. The people we work with are like minded, interested in personal development, happy to take life in their own hands, and help others do the same.