The mission of “Mushrooms Health” Foundation is to inform and educate society about the health benefits provided by Chinese traditional medicine. We focus specifically on Chinese medicinal mushrooms, a natural intelligence and creativity enhancer. As a further part of our mission we promote and cultivate on nature preservation and environment protection. “Mushrooms Health” Foundation with ID 206176733 is a public benefit non-profit registered in Bulgaria, part of the European Union.

After many years of exploring mushrooms’ benefits and applying them to our own lives, we decided it’s time to share this information with others. Unfortunately, Chinese traditional medicine isn’t so popular or wide-spread in other countries yet. Therefore, we would like to help people learn about it and thus improve their quality of life.

We focus on Chinese mushrooms as a gift of nature which improves memory and increases focus and concentration. Using them in our day-to-day lives leads to higher productivity and decreases depression and stress levels. That improves our quality of life and makes us happier and more fulfilled. We believe this knowledge should reach as many people as possible.

For these reasons, our team came together and established the “Mushrooms Health” Foundation. We work together with doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners, to make sure the information we provide is authentic, research verified and helpful. We are also people who strive for constant improvement in their private and professional lives, and we use the benefits provided by Chinese medicine for that purpose, sharing it with others as well.


“Mushrooms Health” Foundation aims to reach as many people as possible the world over. Striving for global reach, most of our work is online. We focus on high-quality education and training by building and promoting quality resources, trying to get to the members of our society who need it the most, and would benefit from it. We do that in the form of the following activities:

Online Materials

Texts. Videos. Visuals. Audio. We publish several series of articles and online educational materials, detailing the benefits of Chinese mushrooms to the health, mental stability and well-being for society members. We explore various kinds of mushrooms and the ways each of them can help us live a better life and be healthier.

Webinars on Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is thousands of years old, and its benefits are there but known by few people out of China. With verified information and Chinese medicine practitioners, our webinars help people find out more about Chinese medicine and utilize its practices in their daily lives.

Awareness Campaigns for Environment Sustainability

We definitely support the overall progress of society. And at the same time believe that it can be achieved by thinking about preserving nature and protecting the environment while advancing technologically as civilization. We show examples of such projects that combine improvements and conservation.

Books and Publications

We create ebooks and printed materials on Chinese medicine, Chinese mushrooms and other important aspects of health and well-being. Our mission is to improve people’s lives regardless of the medium used for doing so, and we strive to fulfil it through our publications as well.

“Mushrooms Health” Foundation with an ID number 206176733 is a non-profit public benefit organization with non-commercial mission based activities only, registered in the Republic of Bulgaria (part of the European Union).

Please keep in mind at all times that none of the content published on the "Mushrooms Health" Foundation website constitutes any form of health or medical advice or recommendation. The information on our website is valid for a cumulative number of cases, and cannot be viewed as any type or form of medical advice. We insist that you consult a medical professional if you have any type of diagnosed medical condition, or have reasons to believe you have an undiagnosed one. The "Mushrooms Health" Foundation team is hereby released of any responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, which may arise out of applying or failing to apply any information published on this website.