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The mission of “Mushrooms Health” Foundation is to inform and educate society about the health benefits provided by Chinese traditional medicine. We focus specifically on Chinese medicinal mushrooms, a natural intelligence and creativity enhancer. As a further part of our mission we promote and cultivate on nature preservation and environment protection. “Mushrooms Health” Foundation with ID 206176733 is a public benefit non-profit registered in Bulgaria, part of the European Union.

“Mushrooms Health” Foundation relies on its volunteers to execute its mission and help people live and work better. We engage with people who believe in the importance of good health and self-development. If you also have experience in copywriting, online marketing or online education we will be happy to welcome you into our team. We can offer you a lot to learn, and room to grow personally and professionally while helping others. If you have any questions about what we do, we encourage you to explore our website and contact us to check whether we’re a good fit. Best of luck.

“Mushrooms Health” Foundation with an ID number 206176733 is a non-profit public benefit organization with non-commercial mission based activities only, registered in the Republic of Bulgaria (part of the European Union).

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