Mushrooms have been recognised for their health benefits since ancient history. In Roma they were called “The food of Gods”, in Greece it was believed they gave strength to the warriors in battles, in China they were widely used in the traditional medicine, perceived as the “elixir of life”. Evidence for their wide usage have been found in various books, drawings and traditions kept in time. Nowadays they are used in every cuisine and culture due to the important nutrients that they contain such as potassium, fiber, vitamin D, etc. Alongside they are low in calories, carbohydrates, fat, and sodium: also, they are cholesterol-free.

Although mushroom or fungi products, as they are known, have long been used in traditional medicine, the ability to identify beneficial properties and then extract the active ingredient started with the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928. Since that time, many potential antibiotics were discovered and the potential for various fungi to synthesize biologically active molecules useful in various clinical therapies has been under research. Pharmacological research identified antifungal, antiviral, and antiprotozoan compounds from fungi.

You can find different mushrooms with different effects to your mind and body. More information, benefits and studies about the most popular medicinal mushrooms – cordyceps, lion’s mane, chaga and reichi, you can learn from our specific articles about them.

In this one we will talk more about how to implement the usage of mushrooms in your daily life and what kind of forms you can find on the market.


Close up of ganoderma mushroom with capsule

We are used to take medications and supplements in a form of capsules. They have become really popular in the past years, because they are really easy to implement in the daily life and you can carry them everywhere with you. Also the in the capsule companies can make many different mixtures of ingredients and can contain powdered products. In the ingredient is sensitive the capsule can be used to protect it inside. The sealed hard gelatin capsules can be good oxygen barriers and they reduce the gastrointestinal irritation. Last, but not least they are odorless, tasteless, easy to swallow. So just grab a cup of water and enjoy the healthy benefits of mushrooms capsules.

Mushrooms in drinks

Healing tea from birch mushroom chaga is used in folk medicine

One of the other really easy ways to take mushrooms is through your favorite coffee or tea. We have to be honest – sometimes the mushrooms don’t have the best taste on earth. So it is really nice when you combine it with something you like like your morning coffee or afternoon tea. You can build a new good habit without even realising it or making any extra effort. The mushrooms are in powder forms or in the tea bags. You can mix it also with milk, preferably plant based or add some sweeteners such a honey, stevia, etc. You can find a lot of options for both products on the market and this category is constantly growing and adding more flavours and combinations for every taste.


This another type of liquid form to consume mushrooms. They are in powder form that you have to add hot water or milk to it and make the drink. Here the taste is really strong because it doesn’t contain any other ingredients to balance it out. But the formula is more concentrated and you can experience all of the benefits faster and longer.

Whatever you prefer, make sure to pick the most natural and easy way to do it, so you can make it a habit. It is always good to take care of yourself and have a balanced diet.

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